Saturday, August 11, 2012

White House removes petition with over 22,000 signatures calling for the TSA to follow the law

Madison Ruppert, Contributor
Activist Post

Yet again, the Obama administration has made it quite clear that they couldn’t care less about the law, separation of powers or the opinions of the American people by turning their “We the People” petition site into a cruel farce.

When I first mentioned the petition in my August 1, 2012 article, “Federal court calls for TSA to explain defiance of naked body scanner order,” the petition had just over 16,000 signatures. According to theElectronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), the White House removed the petition at around 11:30 am EDT, August 9, 2012, with about 22,500 signatures.

As I mentioned in my article linked above, this isn’t the first time the official We the People website has been shown to be a complete joke.

The responses to the genuine concerns and opinions of significant numbers of Americans are treated as completely meaningless by the political establishment, which is hardly surprising seeing as they have decided that they can assassinate American citizens with no explanation whatsoeverbased on classified evidence.

Interestingly, EPIC seems to indicate that the White House actually removed it before the petition was set to expire.

If this is true, it would mean that the White House is very clearly abusing their already farcical petition system in order to avoid even having to respond to the genuine concerns of Americans.

EPIC also reported that the White House’s petition website went down for “maintenance” shortly after Wired’s Threat Level blog posted an article which linked to the petition. However, this could very well be pure coincidence.

I believe that the most disturbing aspect of this is that a petition actually had to be created in order to call on our government to follow a court order around a year old.

Is there anything more repugnant than a system in which people actually have to create and sign a petition (which is later removed) in an attempt to get the government to honor the law? I think not.

This is especially disturbing when such a society is supposedly the bastion of hope and freedom for the rest of the world. This is even more disturbing when the same country goes around the world attempting to tell other sovereign nations what to do and how to treat their people.

We must also consider another troubling reality: the establishment media has completely and totally ignored this and from what I can tell much of the alternative media has as well.

It’s hard to say if something like this just slips under the radar of most people or if they just no longer care about the executive branch making a complete mockery of the American people.

I can’t really blame people for being apathetic about something like this when our government is actually fighting for their ability to indefinitely detain American citizens without charge or trial in the face of a surprisingly positive federal court decision.

By comparison, removing a petition from an official website calling for the government to actually follow a court ruling after a year of ignoring it is hardly worth getting in a huff about. On the other hand, I think we should be bringing attention to all of the ways in which the government is proving itself to be a complete joke and this is yet another example to add to the growing list.

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