Friday, August 31, 2012

The "Romneycan Party" convention

August 30-31, 2012 -- The "Romneycan Party" convention

Mitt Romney has done to the Republican Party what he did at Bain Capital. Romney bought the remains of the Republican Party, purged it of unwanted dissidents like Ron Paul, and altered the party into a sycophantic Olympic-sized cheering body for Mitt Romney.

Party rules were changed that permitted Romney-Ryan signs to be erected inside the Tampa Bay Times Forum GOP convention venue days before the opening of the convention and the roll call of the votes. Some Republican National Committee officials were upset about the actions of the Romney campaign but they were steamrolled over as the Romney campaign turned the national committee into a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Romney campaign.

In conventions past, senior state officials, incumbents and those formerly serving as senator or governor, would have had no problem gaining access to their state delegations on the convention floor. Yet, in Tampa, former Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich had to plead with a floor security guard to allow him and his wife to visit their state delegation. Perhaps Ehrlich's donation to the Romney campaign wasn't fat enough to warrant him receiving VIP credentials. The security guard who decided to let Ehrlich and his wife pass, made the following observation, "How the hell does a guy like that have only that sort of credential." The answer is simple: no donations for "R-money," no floor access, or as they would say in a factory town in China where Bain moved an American factory, "no tickee, no laundree."

The Romney campaign also pushed through Republican Party rules changes that negate the efforts of grass roots campaigns like that of Ron Paul. No longer would an upstart candidate have his or her delegates counted, even in states he or she won in the primary or caucus process. Romney and his people brought into the convention process a mixture of Bain and Mormonism. The opposition was frozen out faster than a "gentile" in the consecrated section of a Mormon temple. With big money, a la Bain, the Republican leadership was simply bought. The stylized two "R" logo -- for Romney-Ryan -- was sold to convention delegates as Mitt's father, George, would have sold an American Motors Rambler. However, Mitt Romney, like the Rambler, is a lemon and no one has bothered to check under the hood to see the actual problems with the Romney-Ryan ticket.

Romney either continues to be tone deaf to the shrinking middle class and poor of the country or he is just shoving his wealth into the faces of working people. Romney's decision to host 50 of the wealthiest GOP donors aboard the George Town, Cayman Islands- and Fort Lauderdale-home ported "Cracker Bay," a super-yacht owned by
The Villages developer Gary Morse, aka H. Gary Schwartz, a big Israel booster, is a case-in-point. Morse runs the heavily deed-restricted Florida retirement haven of The Villages as a Big Brother version of Levittown. The Villages is where Paul Ryan trotted out his Medicare-receiving mother Betty to convince Florida's oldsters that he will not cut Medicare and Social Security, even though the Ryan budget will do exactly that.


In Mitt Romney's world, his Navy is composed of super yachts like the "Cracker Bay" (above left) flying the flag of the British territory where his billions are stashed away, the Cayman Islands.

Ryan's speech to the convention was punctuated by his jutting out his lower jaw, puffing out his chest, and basking in the adulation from the GOP faithful. Ryan's mannerisms evoked images of another second-in-command extreme right-winger from years past -- deputy Reichsfuhrer Rudolph Hess, who would warm up German crowds for Fuhrer Adolf Hitler.

Ryan is to Romney as Hess was to Hitler.

Strangely, Romney, who received four draft deferments during the Vietnam War because he considered his Mormon missionary work in France to somehow be equivalent to military service in Vietnam, is courting the veteran vote. Romney's running mate's budget would slash veterans benefits, including medical care, as an "entitlement" program. Ryan, who, like Romney, is not a veteran, must figure his driving an Oscar Mayer Weinermobile as a college student is equivalent to driving a tank in battle.

Apparently, Romney does value the uniform although for quite bizarre reasons. As a college student, Romney wore a Michigan State Trooper's uniform given to him by his father, Michigan Governor George Romney. Mitt enjoyed donning it, slapping a flashing red light on the top of his white Rambler, and stopping drivers who believed he was a real police officer. Although impersonating a law enforcement officer is illegal, Romney, according to classmates, enjoyed the "practical joke." WMR has been informed by a number of informed sources here at the Republican National Convention that Romney also enjoys wearing police and military uniforms while engaged in homosexual activities, a further testament to his admiration for the uniform.

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