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Why Syria will not fall

We currently have so many Evil/Satanic and very Fraudulent leaders it is becoming increasingly difficult to separate the good from bad. However, we are at last starting to separate them and the world is seeing them for what they truly are, “Warmongers and War Criminals”
We all learned the hard way when we allowed the US, UK, France and Germany to steamroll their New World Order puppet’s (UN) into attacking Libya on “Humanitarian Grounds” only to find out that the death toll increased from around 5,000 to over 50,000 and will continue to rise as the country succumbs to total radiation contamination from the weapons used.
As they say “a picture paints a thousand words”
The biggest monster of all George W Bush “Up Close and Personal”
George HW Bush and Bill Clinton both received awards and both were warmongers
Warmongers always appear to reward themselves.
We had George Bush Snr rattle sabres in Panama and in the Gulf and dear Bill Clinton start the first conflict in the Balkans when he hid under the umbrella of a humanitarian crisis, which in actual fact gave the Clinton administration a convenient excuse to trial run the new role it had been seeking for NATO as the enforcer for capitalist political stability in a post-Cold War Europe as well as securing a vital gas pipeline transit route via the Balkans into Europe. It was also fact that after the Cold War NATO became redundant and so they invented the so called “War against Terrorism” which continues on to this day……….except to say there is no terrorism and certainly no Al Queda.
Then came Blair (on the left receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom) which is given to those individuals who have made “an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavours”……….not bad considering Bush and Blair between them have genocided millions of innocent people and took us to war in Iraq, Afghanistan without due cause.
Then on the right you have the other war monger Obama who received the “Nobel Peace Prize” soon after taking office. This extremely high award is given to those  who have “done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses..
Basically all of the above were part of a genocide team who allowed their respective military to use WMD’s in all the wars they were signatory too which included Depleted Uranium, Tactical Nuclear Weapons and Fourth Generation “Dirty Bombs” including the new high tech “Cold Fusion Weapons.”…….not forgetting Israel and the conflict in Lebanon and Gaza.

The giant octopus that has spread into so many western governments
Thanks everyone for keeping the war effort going & for supporting our countries “Imperialistic Geo Political Plan”
Now we have our current PM David Cameron and his associates Obama, Hollande, Merkel and Barroso jmping up and down and hell bent into getting their talons on Syria.
Believe me this will be no walk- in- the park if you learn the truth as to what is really going on within Syria. You do have an alternative media compliments of many brave bloggers and you also alternative radio such as RBN in the US etc.
I have a friend an associate by the name of Sandhya Jain who runs an e magine in New Delhi, India.
Like most of us her only wish is to bring you the truth and Sandhya  takes incredible risks to make such topics available to the world’s public.
In true traditional style Sandhya again brings you a story that reveals the true state of Syria and not the warped image portrayed by the Zionist controlled media.
You will not hear about this on the good old BBC, ABC, CNN or  SKY and you certainly will not read about it in the Times, Washington Post or any Rupert Murdoch crap!!
There is no civil war in Syria  and the only fighting that is taking place is between Syrian Government Forces and the highly financed and armed militia that is placed there compliments of the west, CIA,MI5/6 and Mossad etc.
The west even have elite Special Forces in situ along with the Special Forces from the western friendly Arab States and still they are getting a flogging.
It is clear that this time the west was not able to force a regime change via their New World Order controlled United Nations and their pathetic puppet Bank Ki-moon. They were not able to impliment their humanitarian (Libya Style) “No Fly Zone” which was absolute bullshit and now they are in full retreat with each countries best of the best getting their arses kicked.
So now you can read about the true situatiion in Syria as told by Ghaleb Kandil

Thank you so much Sandyha for this incredible article
Why Syria will not fall
 Ghaleb Kandil 24 Aug 2012
The recent developments in Syria revealed a series of important signs which will have decisive repercussions over the course of the global war led by the United States to destroy this country. Unlike the information and impressions of American strategists and their European and Arab accomplices – as conveyed by hundreds of media outlets engaged in the battle – the death squads, mercenaries and Takfiri groups introduced from all parts of the world suffered a crushing defeat at the level of the battles. Nonetheless, the Turkish officials and their Qatari and Saudi allies had promised – as they have already done last year and during the same period – that the month of Ramadan will witness the fall of the resisting regime in Syria. These illusions have once again collapsed on the battlefield where the armed gangs suffered the fall of thousands of dead, wounded and detainees.

Indeed, the comprehensive attack launched by the extremists against Damascus ended – even with the recognition of Western media outlets – with massive losses. Hence, the force which included local mercenaries and jihadists from around the world was completely annihilated by the Syrian army that is pursuing the remnants on the outskirts of the capital. As a result, tons of weapons were confiscated and the heavy infrastructure of the armed groups was dismantled and destroyed, which will require months to reconstruct if the armed groups are ever able to do so.

The outcome of the Aleppo battle on the other hand is known in advance, as the extremists are falling by the thousands in the face of the methodic progress of the army which was able to fully sever the supply lines of the mercenaries who came from the training camps led by the CIA in Turkey. Consequently, the armed gangs can no longer deliver reinforcements without having to pay a hefty price. As to their 4×4 convoys which are equipped with heavy artillery and were offered by their regional sponsors, they are moving under the fire of the army’s helicopters and aircrafts and are falling in the ambushes set up by the elite forces that have infiltrated enemy lines.

According to experts, one third of the extremist groups are composed of jihadists who have come from the Arab Maghreb, Libya, the Gulf, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Chechnya. At this level, European Union Intelligence Chief French national Patrice Bergamini recognized in an interview with the Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar on Friday 17 August the important role played by the jihadists at the level of the Syrian conflict, stressing that the Western public was now aware of the threat they represented. It is clear that the Syrian army’s cleansing of the city of Aleppo and its countryside is now a mere question of time.

The crushing defeat suffered by the armed gangs throughout Syria reveals that the Syrian Arab army which was built on solid ideological bases quickly drew the lessons of the war and developed strategies of urban and rural counter-guerilla, which allowed it to strike the extremists despite the massive military, material, financial and media means that were generously offered to them by the coalition of dozens of countries, not to forget the sanctions adopted against the Syrian people and state outside the context of the United Nations.

In order to understand the developments of the situation, it is also important to analyze the Syrian people’s state of mind. Without real popular backup –which is naturally disregarded by Western media outlets – President Bashar al-Assad and his army would not have been able to resist and deter this attack. This popular support is due to three factors. Firstly, the majority of the Syrians are aware of the fact that their country is targeted by a plot aiming at subjugating Syria to include it in the Western imperialistic camp and consequently remove it from all the regional equations, knowing that during these last four decades, Syria has been at the heart of the balances of power and that nothing could be done in the Middle East without its knowledge and participation. These wide popular factions are attached to their country’s political autonomy and are willing to fight to defend it, which would explain why thousands of young people are volunteering to join the army’s ranks.

On the other hand, the experts believe that twenty percent of the public – which at some point sympathized with the opposition – discovered the real face of the extremists who are multiplying their savageries in the regions under their control (rape, executions, massacres, pillaging…). In light of this transformation affecting the popular mood, especially in the rural areas where the people have become sick and tired, the Syrian state has put in place discreet communication means allowing the population to inform the army about the presence of terrorists, which would explain how and why during these last few weeks, the special units and the air force were able to successfully carry out well designed strikes against the bases of the armed gangs.

In parallel to all the developments on the ground, Damascus’ regional and international allies are showing stringency and developing political and diplomatic initiatives to avoid leaving the arena open before the Westerners. At this level, the success of the meeting in Tehran between thirty countries, including China, India, Russia, nine Arab countries and Latin American and South African states, conveys this new balance of power. The formation of this group constituted a strong message to the Westerners and seriously jeopardized their project to establish – outside the context of the United Nations – a no-fly zone in the northern part of Syria. The last few months of 2012 will be decisive at the level of the emergence of new regional and international balances and the drawing up of a new image starting from Damascus, thanks to the victory of the Syrian national state in the global war led against it.

Fast-moving developments

Until the American presidential elections which will be held at the beginning of November, the Syrian internal, regional and international developments will grow faster than ever before. Obviously, foreign military intervention whether from inside or outside the Security Council is off the table, while the sanctions have reached their highest levels as long as Chapter VII is being deterred by the veto right. Following the American presidential elections, we will see the materialization of American political headlines and especially NATO, Turkish and Gulf ones, in parallel to the repercussions that will affect the military machine used across the border and from inside the Syrian territories.

Hence, there should either be a recognition of the impossibility to introduce change at the level of Syria’s geography and role which should prompt preparations for serious negotiations and for political solutions – that are rejected by the Americans who are refusing to respond to the invitation addressed by Russia to meet – or sustain the war alliance and the mobilization of the state of hostility from all directions, i.e. from the Mecca conference to the visit of the French foreign minister to Syria’s neighboring states to assemble as many pressure cards as possible.

There will be no buffer zones and no air embargoes, rather efforts to completely isolate certain border regions from the state’s control in order to test the chances of establishing mini-states, similar to the ones established by Saad Haddad and Antoine Lahd under Israeli tutelage in South Lebanon. At this level, the wager is on Aleppo’s countryside to which all those who sold their honor among the dissidents will be introduced following preparations in Doha, Riyadh and Amman to grant legitimacy in form to the division project.

On the other hand, Lakhdar Brahimi was appointed as envoy and mediator for the political solution and the observers mission was ended to prepare the arena for all possibilities. Brahimi will thus spend time touring before a decision is adopted, while Syria is standing fast with its army and people and drawing up – starting from Aleppo and its countryside – the course of the upcoming change.

Courtesy New Orient Center for Strategic Policies;

I am sure most of you truly enjoyed reading a more balanced account of the unrest in Syria and can now form your own opinion as to what is really going on in the Middle East.
Remember this is only one small part of the New World Order’s Master Plan to take out at least 7 Islamic countries. This plan was first raised by that evil satanic Zionist – Paul Wolfwitz almost 20 years ago and clearly shows their intention to protect Israel by attempting to divide and conquer adjacent countries……..unfortunately for them things are not now going so well and their empire is about to lose its stranglehold of world dominance………there is a new power emerging and I know who they are…..time will tell.
Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 24/8/2012

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