Friday, July 20, 2012

Million Yemen children face severe malnutrition

One million Yemeni children face severe malnutrition within months as families struggle to pay for food in one of the Arab world's poorest countries, the U.N. World Food Programme has warned.
Political turmoil has pushed Yemen to the brink of a humanitarian crisis and aid agencies estimate half the country's 24 million people are malnourished.
So, kids in Yemen are starving, and what does the US aid package consist of this year?!?
Why, bombs, bullets, military training, and aircraft, of course!! THAT ought to keep those starving brats quiet, in the view of the White House, Pentagon, and State Department!!
The Pentagon is pouring new funding into Yemen for weapons and aircraft to help bolster the embattled country’s counterterrorism forces, amid growing concerns about Iranian spying and meddling there. After freezing military aid to Yemen for the past year, as the country was wracked by internal chaos, the Defense Department has agreed to deliver more than $112 million worth of equipment and military training this year. The assistance includes $75 million approved last month and $37.4 million this month. In documents delivered to Congress, the Pentagon said the latest funding will be used to buy two new twin-engine transport planes, inflatable boats, communications equipment and a variety of guns and ammunition. The $75 million was targeted for counterterrorism improvements, including small unmanned aircraft known as drones, weapons, military construction and training.
And folks, this has nothing to do with Iran, and everything to do with Yemen's oil-producing neighbor, Saudi Arabia, which has been experiencing unrest of its own.
The scenario the US and Israel do not want to see unfolding is Saudi oil going off-market due to riots or demonstrations at the time the US and/or Israel is contemplating a military strike against Iran.

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