Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pictures of Matchstick Men

photo source and some interpretations

Matchstick Man ~ Another term for a scam artist.


Islamic Psyop .... Israel Worries About Egypt – We Told You So!
What a farce. A set-up.
A deliberate ploy to create further tension between East and West, Christian and Muslim, secular and Islamic.
How proud must be the power elite orchestrating this nonsense.

The power elite that wants to run the world has reacted to the Internet by apparently speeding up its formal takeover. Via economic depression, authoritarian regulation and increasing wars, the elites are causing chaos

FBI morphs into a "charity", and hosts a Family Activity Day for the Chabad community in Crown Heights
 ( how moving ! how beautiful !!) 

Meeting of the minds 

Is Putin a matchstick man?

Lieberman = treason 

McCain = treason 

Romney = treason 

Planned US and Israel cyber attack on Iran, secret drone attacks and the existence of assassination 'hit' lists should be kept from the American public according to Mitt.

etc. etc. etc.

More than enough matchstick men to go around.  Take your pick.

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