Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Days of Decline -- Images from an Economic Collapse in Progress

John Galt
Activist Post

The following video contains disturbing images compiled from the streets of Greece as protests, riots, and police response have converged amid austerity brought about by international banksters.

This is a familiar scenario the world over as divide-and-conquer techniques pit police against the very people it is in their best interest to protect ... while the engineers of the collapse sit back and watch from afar. These images have continued to multiply throughout other collapsed economies, past and present, where the First World quickly can become the Third.

The conflagration that could take place in America amid a lethally armed population defies the imagination, which is clearly why the police state is oiling its machinery to take on the outraged and weaponized.  We would do well to keep the following images from Greece as an up-to-date reminder of what violence produces.

Meanwhile, as shown in the second video below, whole communities in other areas of Greece are taking positive action to build something new by devising ways to sell freedom, and thus render irrelevant the system that has led to their decline.

Which of these possibilities contains the most hope for changing the human condition?

Unlike the past, the entire world is now on the bankster chopping block. So, the solutions we choose for what we experience afterward could have similar global ramifications.

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