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The Truth about Kony 2012: The Greater Nile Oil Pipeline, SPLA Terrrorists, Council on Foreign Relations, USAID, and the International Crisis Group

by Scott Creighton
Kony 2012 linked to National Security Council, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the terrorist organization the SPLA who used rape and mass murder to “free” the oil fields of South Sudan.
Actor George Clooney was walked into a congressional hearing by globalist John Kerry the other day. You remember Kerry don’t you? He’s the guy who pretended to run against George W Bush back in 2004 and conceded his loss in record time while hundreds of legitimate election fraud complaints were flooding the internet. Kerry and Clooney are both prominent supporters of the now widely discredited Kony 2012 Goldstein Effect propaganda campaign.
Act0r Clooney was there at the hearing to grace the politicians with his wealth of knowledge about the “pending humanitarian crisis” in South Sudan, a country literally formed by the Bush administration in 2005 around the vast oil reserves of Sudan. They put in power a rather brutal dictator who ran the country on behalf of the foreign oil companies and the IMF and World Bank.
dictator president South Sudan and leader of SPLA which has killed thousands... supported by Enough Project, George Clooney, and Kony 2012
That guy is now dead and the president of South Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit, is also the head of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) which has now morphed into the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement, a “political party”.
The SPLA has been running a particularly brutal terrorist campaign for many years in Sudan. Under Mayardit’s leadership, they were accused of the heinous atrocities anyone could imagine. This is a report from 2010 (remember, at this point, the SPLA was in power in South Sudan and these crimes were committed against their own people):
“In the summer of 2010, the southern Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) torched and looted one of the oldest living kingdoms in Africa.
Scores of villages in the Shilluk kingdom of southern Sudan were burned to the ground. The army raped hundreds of women, children, men, elders and members of the royal family and tortured and killed a still unknown number of civilians. Over 10,000 people were displaced in the midst of the rainy season, sent fleeing into the forest, often naked, without bedding, shelter or food, and many children died from hunger and cold.
Even the king, who the Shilluk believe is semi-divine, was forced to flee Fashoda, the tribe’s sacred capital on the Nile.
The reason for this anarchy was the SPLA’s attempt to disarm the tribe and stop a local Shilluk rebellion.
… “We heard their boots marching toward our village,” says Julia, a now homeless Shilluk woman who was gang-raped by the army and then fled as they burned her home and village down.
They didn’t spare anyone – even an old woman, even a blind woman, even girls who are so small you have to carry them, they raped them, and some of them died,” she says staring at the ground.” al Jazeera English
But the brutality didn’t stop there. This article deals with crimes against humanity committed by the SPLA in May of 2011;
South Sudan’s army set fire to over 7,000 homes in Mankien payam [district] of Unity state after they took the area back from southern rebels on Sunday.
The southern military (SPLA), has been accused by civilians and an official in Mayom of burning down the villages of Watna Buma, Lony Buma, Loath Buma and Bore Buma, which are situated south of Mankiem.
The SPLA accused citizens in the area of hosting a rebel militia that had clashed with the southern army last week.
The operational commander of the SPLA’s division four, Major General Koang Chuol, warned that citizens who side with the militias would be given the same treatment as them.” Sudan Tribune
In Dec of 2011 Salva Kiir Mayardit ran over to Israel to thank them for all their support when he was running the brutal SPLA and killing civilians in South Sudan. When he became president, Israel was the first place he went. Read how neocon and Israeli-firster Daniel Pipes praised the meeting and the head of the terrorist organization.
new AIPAC branch office opening up in South Sudan?
Here’s a picture of the directors and the founders of the group Invisible Children (Kony 2012) posing with some of the SPLA terrorists who committed the previously mentioned atrocities. “The image showed the founders of Invisible Children — Bobby Bailey, Laren Poole, and Jason Russell — posing with guns alongside members of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA)” Washington Post
Invisible Children and the terrorist of the SPLA
So why would they do this? Why would the SPLA commit such horrible acts against their own people?
The answer is simple and it’s the same over and over again: oil and the control of it’s export.
those darn humanitarian wars. it's always about the oil isn't it?
Just like the Trans Afghan Pipeline deal was the real reason we attacked Afghanistan ( please read,9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, Georgia, Iran, and Pakistan; The Vulcan’s Path to The Caspian Sea Basin) and control of Saddam’s oil fields was the reason we went there as well, in this case, the brutality inflicted on the people of South Sudan by the government of South Sudan is all about maintaining control of the tap. Same can be said for the oil reserves of Libya and those off the coast of the Gaza Strip for that matter.
You see, Sudan had a good thing going but they didn’t necessarily want to hand all the profits over to the big global multinational companies and financial institutions, so they had to go. After years of civil war sparked by the now-cliche technique of terrorist destabilization campaigns, Western interests were able to cleave off a piece of Sudan called creatively enough, “South Sudan” where the oil reserves mainly were.  That was in 2005 and now the “country” (a country created by the former Bush regime like Kosovo was created by the Clinton regime) formerly declare independence in 2011.
But you see, the problem is the reserves in South Sudan don’t have access to a port. The only port is in Sudan and the pipeline that carries the oil to the port, runs right through the middle of Sudan. It’s called the Greater Nile Oil Pipeline and it’s operated by… wait for it… wait for it….  the China National Petroleum Corporation(CNPC). That’s right. China. And not just China, but an EVIL SOOOOCAILIST nationalized corporation, not a BLESSED AND HOLY privately owned pipeline company like the Hunt Oil Pipeline in Yemen which is why we are bombing civilians in that country as well, but that is a different story (if you are interested in “that story” please readDancing With Snakes)
“South Sudan plans to build a link to a pipeline in Kenya to export its oil after breaking away from the north today, a minister revealed toInsideKenyaToday on Wednesday.
The south will control 75 percent of the African country’s 500,000 barrels a day production beginning today.” July 9 2011 Inside Kenya Today
Now, what we have here is a situation in which the leadership of Sudan wants to ensure that their nation is going to receive adequate compensation from South Sudan for allowing them to pump their oil through their nation to port. South Sudan figures they can get more money for the corporations who they are subservient to if they were able to cut Sudan out of the profits loop. Makes sense right?
Suddenly we have another “humanitarian crisis” in the making and a brand new Goldstein Effect boogeyman to use as the justification to force regime change in Sudan. Remember, Sudan was one of the “7 Countries in 5 Years” nations that was designated for regime change just after 9/11 along with Syria and Libya (check outNeo-liberal Destabilization Plan for Syria Continues: How long till we are on that “Seven Countries” list? )
Clooney walks into the congressional hearing practically weeping for the poor victims in South Sudan who are being mistreated by the Sudanese government by not allowing food from their borders to go into South Sudan. He doesn’t explain why the South Sudan government isn’t feeding their own people, he just reads some paper written by God Knows Who and uses his reliable ACTOR superpowers and that George Clooney look we have seen in every movie he has every made, to sway the globalist puppets in congress to do what they were going to do anyway.
According to the video posted along with that story from the Business Times, Clooney was accompanied in this address to congress by a guy named Princeton N. Lyman.Lyman is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and one of Obama’s chief advisers on the situation in Africa. He was also former director of USAID in Ethiopia. That’s just the beginning of his credentials.
“Ambassador Lyman has a PhD in political science from Harvard University. He has published books and articles on foreign policy, African affairs, economic development, HIV/AIDS, UN reform, and peacekeeping. He has published op-eds in the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Baltimore Sun, Miami Herald, Los Angeles Times, and International Herald Tribune. His book, Partner to History: The U.S. Role in South Africa’s Transition to Democracy (U.S. Institute of Peace Press), was published in 2002. He wasco-director of the Council on Foreign Relations Task Force Report, More Than Humanitarianism: A Strategic U.S. Approach Toward Africa, issued in 2006, and co-editor of Beyond Humanitarianism: What You Need to Know About Africa and Why It Matters (Council on Foreign Relations)published in 2007.” Council on Foreign Relations bio, Princeton Lyman
Clooney was also accompanied by John Prendergast of the ENOUGH Project which is a self-described sister organization of Kony 2012. Enough was formed in 2007 as an offshoot of the Center for American Progress, the neoliberal “moderate dems” organization headed by a former Obama adviser and DC lobbyist. Prendergast isn’t just an advocate for the poor peoples of Africa. He has a much more… political background, shall we say.
Prendergast is the former Director for African Affairs at the National Security Council. He served in the Clinton State Department under now UN ambassador Susan Rice and in 2001 he became Special Adviser to the President of the International Crisis Group on Africa issues. The International Crisis Group is a neoliberal globalist institution pushing regime change all across the globe at any cost to the people who happen to be living there at the time.
Also of note, Prendergast has won such prestigious awards as the Lyndon Baines Johnson Moral Courage Award and the  U.S. State Department Distinguished Service Award. Can you imagine a moral courage award bearing the name of Lyndon Baines Johnson? Why not rename that one to the “Shoot Your President in the Back and Hand Over the Country to Oil Men and Bankers” award? Or better yet the “Bloody Coup” award for short?
What Clooney and his pack of Kony 2012 CFR/ICG propagandists were doing in congress was asking them to support a piece of legislation that will impose serious sanctions on Sudan (not South Sudan mind you where they actually killed thousands of their own people and burned as many as 7,000 villages less than a year ago) and set the ball in motion for yet another bloody regime change for control of oil reserves and pipelines.
(3) promote free and transparent democratic reform in Sudan, including exploring methods through which the United States can provide technical support and funding to promote democratic institutions, nongovernmental organizations, civil society, and representative political participation in Sudan;
(4) hold persons and governments accountable for committing or assisting in the commission of in serious human rights violations, or for supporting or assisting those persons and governments that commit or assist in the commission of human rights violations, including
Wow, what a humanitarian George Clooney is.
Go here to view a video in which Prendergast, this ex-state department employee and globalist NGO regular, announces his support of the Kony 2012 campaign and laughingly he states that the Enough Project is aimed at creating a world in which genocide and crimes against humanity don’t exist. He claims that when he was 21 he was just sitting around on the couch and he saw something about starving kids in Ethiopia so he decided to jump into action to go over to Africa and get some photo-ops with the starving kids. In reality
Go here to view an entire blog set up to promote Prendergast and Invisible Children as a “different way of life”. You can also access the Wall street Journal article written by Prendergast and that geopolitical genius Mia Farrow, which seeks to deflect criticism of Obama for sending 100 troops into Africa after the probably dead Joseph Kony.
Predergast also worked with USIP, United States Institute for Peace. Here’s a little taste of what they do for “peace”. USIP was created in 1984 by that peace loving president, Ronald Reagan
  • USIP is working in Libya training hundreds of mediators and facilitators in postwar conflict prevention.
  • USIP leads the Libya Stabilization Team’s Civil Society Committee–constitution making, transitional justice, women rights, education.
  • USIP actively supports the State Department’s Africa Contingency Operations Training and Assistance (ACOTA) program, teaching conflict mediation and negotiation techniques for African security personnel for peacekeeping missions across the continent.
Prendergast and his organization is credited with writing the legislation that actually created South Sudan. So not only does his movement not seek accountability for the political leaders of that country for their crimes committed against their own people, but they actually helped put them (the SPLA) in power in the first place. Prendergast went on the Colbert Report and was praised by the fauxgressive cheerleader for his “humanitarian” efforts. Prendergast had a smirk on his face the whole time.
There’s also a movie out right now called Machine Gun Preacher about Sam Childers, a drug addict and violent criminal turned SPLA advocate and owner of an orphanage in South Sudan. Apparently Childers takes care of kids in South Sudan (I don’t suppose he could even get a job in this country with his background much less run an orphanage) while chatting it up with his friends in the SPLA.
Funny how the timing of all of this worked out, isn’t it?
You got the South Sudan government withholding oil from their pipeline while pressuring Sudan to give them more and more while all of a sudden Obama sends “advisers” into Africa to hunt down the already dead Joseph Kony and suddenly there are films dedicated to lionizing the terrorist organization the SPLA while demonizing the LRA. Films, humanitarian campaigns, armed “advisers” and congressional bills to force regime change in yet another oil producing country with their very own pipeline.
And in the middle of it all you have ICG/state department agents and Council on Foreign Relations delegates running useful idiot Hollywood celebrities for credibility.
This crap is so convoluted and slimy I kinda wish I wasn’t back from the dead. But, alas, this is what we do, so there you have it. Welcome back…..
fake activist Clooney
In a purely political move, the police arrested Clooney today and others as they protested outside the Sudanese Embassy in D.C.  You can always tell when an activist is a fake by how much they smile while being “arrested” The cops probably got his autograph and yucked it up a bit at the station before giving him a ride back to the bar for some midday drinks.
This is supposed to give their cause the air of dissident credibility, but what you can see from the information posted in the article above, they are anything BUT dissidents… in fact, they are straight out of the State Department and the Council  on Foreign Relations.
At dispute is a couple areas inside Sudan itself which Clooney and his globalist mentors want to handed over to South Sudan. Namely these are the Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile regions. Look at the image below and compare those areas to the oil pipeline map above. The Nuba Mountain area is where the Greater Nile Oil Pipeline is located.

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