Sunday, November 6, 2011

The New American World Order: How It Works


To understand how the American empire works, one needs to know three things.

First, asVitali and colleagues at Einstein's alma mater -- the ETH in Zurich Switzerland --demonstrate in a highly technical publication, a few dozen mostly financial corporations have direct or indirect control over virtually all of the rest of the World's transnational corporations.

Second, as theoretical physicist Michio Kaku explains, the large multinational corporations based in the United States are dependent for their intellectual resources not on Americans or the American educational system, but on the H1B, the genius visa, that brings to America scientific and engineering talent from throughout the World.

Third, as John Stewart demonstrates, American democracy is a system under which the multinational corporations, through ownership of the media, ensure that the American people vote for one or other of the candidates acceptable to -- which is to say controllable by -- the managers of the great multinational corporations, i.e., the dynamic members of the plutocratic elite. (As the John Stewart clip indicates, Ron Paul is not an acceptable candidate for President because he is opposed to multiple, trillion dollar wars, which are an important source of income to a number of very large multinational corporations and the means by which those corporations gain unrestricted access to the World's resources and markets.)

From these premises, the basic characteristics of the American New World Order can be inferred:

Money rules: global governance means plutocracy.

National governments must serve global, not national, interests. For example, the failure of America's government-mandated and controlled education system to develop to the full the intellectual resources of the American population is not a concern, since American corporations can obtain intellectual resources more cheaply by pillaging the resources of other nations than by supporting a first-rate, tax-funded system of education in America.To the extent that America's educational system minimizes the resistance of the public to brainwashing by advertising and the media, it serves a positive New World Order function.

Redrawing the Middle East Map, as proposed by war strategist Ralph Peters in the US Armed Forces Journal:Image source.

Consistent with their role under the New World Order, national governments must seek to destroy the identity, culture, religion, and unique genetic inheritance of every nation, thereby facilitating the international free flow of people, capital and goods that is essential to profit maximization by transnational corporations. This is a policy of universal genocide, as the term genocide was defined by Raphael Lemkin, the man who coined the term.

National governments that seek to remain independent, whether to maximize the human potential and well-being of their own people, or to further the ambitions of their own ruling elite, are to be destroyed by US/NATO, the enforcement arm of the New World Order. After the crushing of Libya, the nation with the highest human development index in Africa, on the absurd pretext of protecting the people from their own government, will come the subordination of Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Iran, or so it has been announced (see map). There will then remain to be dealt with, those most nationalistic of nations, Russia and China.

By then, the United States, itself, will present no impediment to the global rule of a deracinated international plutocracy. Having served its purpose as the engine for the destruction of the nations of the Earth, America will have fragmented into an assemblage of racial, religious and cultural entities at war with one another and incapable of a coherent democratic will able to assert a national interest.

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