Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Is Iran already under covert attack... or are Jamestown "at it" again?

How unusual: the BBC raise a black flag about possible covert operations taking place in Iran...
"Assassinations of nuclear scientists, a sophisticated cyber-attack, and now, last weekend, a mysterious blast at a munitions base that has killed the "godfather" of Iran's ballistic missile programme.
The explosion at the Bid Ganeh base was so powerful, it killed 17 Revolutionary Guards Corps soldiers and rattled windows in Tehran several miles away.
Iran says it was an accident, but few who follow events there are convinced."
ermmm... Iran says it was an accident? So why are the BBC running this story and pointing fingers at their friends here?
Could it be the Jamestown Agenda at play again, you know, that supposedly neutral think tank which is populated by people like Vladimir Socor, who make a mockery of the Jamestown Foundation's boast of providing "Information without political agenda.
Anything article with the name "Jamestown" in it MUST be treated as suspect. It is likely to be well written but, as for having no political agenda, it will be anything but.
The closing paragraphs of the BBC article practically gives the game away:
Mr Abedin (Mahan Abedin, editor of Terrorism Monitor published by the Jamestown Foundation) said: "No tool, no pressure, not even the toughest of sanctions, nor even military conflict will work [to steer Iran away from becoming a nuclear weapons power]."
Mark Fitzpatrick, the IISS resident expert on Iran's nuclear programme, is in no doubt which direction Iran is heading.
He told the forum: "I think Iran probably already has a latent nuclear weapons capability."
In this case I suspect that this tactic which the BBC are willingly participating in is nothing more than "goading" the Iranians into some kind of a response.

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