Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Government of Organized Death

By Kenneth Dean Troxel (kdtroxel)
The death government must end. We as a nation no longer produce goods and services to the extent as we used to. Our government colluded with corporations to ship out our manufacturing and service industries to countries with lower costs of living and wages. This wholesale butchering by outsourcing of jobs has turned a once prosperous nation to a nation of indigent beggars. What jobs that remain are few and far between, mostly low wage part time jobs. This decimation of the United States economy, was done with intent and purpose by the vary government created to protect and defend the safety and happiness of its people.
The last remaining focus of our government is death. Death by toxic GMO foods, by fluoridation of our water and food, by toxic oil spills with cover-up use of Corexit to sink the oil out of sight, by allowing toxic nuclear waste of forty plus years to build up without long term storage, by wars of aggression, and by financial fraud of such vast proportions that most humans cannot conceive of true depth. Honor and integrity of our nation is now only a buzzword, a slogan, a myth repeated often to gain some sort of relevance in the minds of the public.
As our government sees it, they are on the hook for trillions of future Social Security payouts, which was stolen over the years to balance budget and negate the need for tax increases. Reducing the aging population via poisons would reduce future payout obligations. Our government is now structured as a death machine, were they have reasons to reduce populations rather than nurturer them with the principles of our founding fathers. The three core principles of our past-gone republic were "Life, Liberty, and Justice," those principles are dead with the power transfer to the banking & special interest oligarchs. Government has become a world cop to push down the common man to sole benefit of its owners.

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