Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The White House Cybersecurity Proposal would make the Patriot Act look "quaint".

Isn't it time for at least the bloggers if not the mainstream, to think about who Obama is and the fact that the country is much worse off now than in 2008 - except the very wealthy, the ones building even larger mansions in the Hamptons and buying $14,000 purses, paying $48,868 a year tuitions (to rise 3%) with no loans - and how cleverly he took us in to get what HE wanted.
Wars continuing, getting out of Iraq only because his poll numbers are falling, supporting Karzai and corruption - with our money - in Afghanistan, hypocritical about Israel and the Palestinians, assassinations, killing of Americans, a foreign policy which is actually in the neocon handbook if you read the Statements of Principles for the Project for a New American Century, while right now - with plummeting poll numbers - pandering to anyone he thinks will vote for him by throwing out crumbs to the hardest hit while collecting huge amounts of money from Wall St. and Big Money.... This cybersecurity bill is like some many of the other issues that Obama has that he does NOT flaunt but which will affect us.
We were bamboozled - do we need 20 years to admit it in hindsight or do we think about alternatives??? We cannot, in a country of 300 million people be forced to elect a man because he is NOT someone else. Or can we?

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