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This wasn’t really about jobs…we wuz just kiddin’! Border Perimeter and Security Act between US and Canada

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Hidden in that worthless jobs bill was the 
Border Perimeter and Security Act between the US and Canada.  As I understand it, US and Canadian troops will be (are being) stationed along both sides of the border with Canada to make sure no terrorists (you) or criminals (you) slip across that border in either direction without the government knowing it and identifying you biometrically . This Act was actually the crux of the “jobs” bill; a bill constructed and used as a front to cover up and to pass quietly what is another assault on the public by government and to further the global intent to identify absolutely every citizen on the planet and to hold that identity information in a global data bank accessible by virtually any agency of any government in the world in real time.
WASHINGTON — Prime Minister Stephen Harper and U.S. President Barack Obama are seeking a sweeping deal to establish a North American security and trade perimeter, opening talks Friday that could lead to jointly operated Canada-U.S. border facilities, an integrated entry-exit system to track travelers and the deployment of “cross-designated” law enforcement officers to intercept terrorists and criminals.
This so-called security act will require biometric identification of all you tourists and business travelers (suspected terrorists) from each respective country.  This will be especially helpful in furthering the efforts to establish a global identity system and coercing individuals into submitting biometric information in order to travel. 
 “The Canada and U.S. governments plan to put in place “common technical standards for the collection, transmission and matching of biometrics” to screen travellers in real time.”
This would be in addition to the FBI’s intent to build a massive identification system reported by EPIC.org :
FBI Seeks to Build Massive Identification System. The Federal Bureau of Investigation awarded a $1B, 10-year contract to design, develop, document, integrate, test, and deploy the Next Generation Identification (NGI) System to Lockheed Martin. This new database will expand on the current fingerprint-based system; the FBI will increase its collection and storage not only fingerprints but also iris scans, palm prints and facial images. The FBI is also in talks with the U.K. police to establish a unified database for the tracking of this biometric information. The U,K. has said that the new NGI System could easily be integrated with the U.K.’s current Ident1 database. Critics have highlighted the problems created by such massive system that would share data, including inaccurate or fake information. (Feb. 14
“To preserve and extend the benefits our close relationship has helped bring to Americans and Canadians alike, we intend to pursue a perimeter approach to security, working together within, at, and away from the borders of our two countries to enhance our security and accelerate the legitimate flow of people, goods, and services between our two countries.  We intend to do so in partnership, and in ways that support economic competitiveness, job creation, and prosperity.” 
Is it just me, or do any of you find it odd that so much effort is being put into “securing and protecting” the Canadian border with the US but at the same time observing the constant refusal to do much of anything to stop the flood of illegal immigration which brings with it massive numbers of criminals of all kinds, into the US from Mexico, coming from the same government agencies who are attempting to pass this Act. 
While the US will not send any effective military or domestic personnel into the Northern regions of Mexico or will not even station adequate defensive personnel along that border, this Act with Canada will allow police and military from both sides to scurry back and forth at will, hunting terrorists and criminals (you). 
I live a few hours south of that border with Canada and have not heard of any Canadian drug cartels murdering US citizens on their own land or terrorizing those living along the Canadian border.  No one is cutting off heads up here or shooting at American citizens across the Boundary Waters.  And, I think I can safely say that Canadians are not planning a mass and illegal migration into the US.
I am still trying to figure out how competitiveness, job creation and prosperity are remotely connected to biometrically identifying travelers to and from Canada.  I am even more perplexed that such an effort is put forward with regards to Canada, when our Southern border with Mexico is a war zone and when our own government refuses to take any effective action to protect the citizens along that border or the border itself.
our two countries to enhance our security and accelerate the legitimate flow of people, goods, and services between our two countries.”
This is a line straight from the Security & Prosperity Partnership  that was struck between the US and Mexico by Bush & Co..  It is this “free flow” ideology that has allowed 30 million + illegal immigrants into the US without any meaningful attempt to halt the influx.  In fact, this mass illegal migration into the US is exactly what the US and Mexican governments want to happen to facilitate the North American Union.  It is called nation busting. It is the plan to increase and encourage immigration and migration, both legal and illegal between culturally different national and ethnic groups, into areas or countries with the intent to dissasemble community and national identity.  This mass migration into culturally established  communities is absolutely necessary in order to deconstruct the sense of national identity; the sense of who we are and where we come from and what and who we belong to and are part of, must be eradicated.
I can guarantee you that in the near future there will be a call to officially blur the border with Mexico so that we can be one big happy family …..all of us employed by the corporations who made this possible.  Maybe the Bush’s will hold a big celebratory BBQ and we can all watch it on TV..
Back to Canada
I have no idea what is going on in Canada or along the Canadian border that would require biometrically identifying anyone who attempts for pleasure or business to cross that border as “national security” reasons.  I have several Canadian contacts and none of them have expressed any terrorist ideologies, unless of course you consider the annual Lutefisk potlucks a threat.  Lutefisk could be categorized as a lethal weapon, in my opinion.
This Act is of course in addition to and in support of the Civil Assistance plan agreed to on behalf of the US by General Renault, with Canada.  This agreement (treason) allows the US to bring Canadian military onto our soil in the event of forest fires, earthquakes and oh yeah……civil unrest. Canada can use our military against their people too. It’s a really handy two way police state policy and includes this notation on the unclassified document”
Annexes are exempt from manditory disclosure and are being withheld because these records are pre-decisional plans. 5 USC 522 (b)(5))
So what is this USC code? This is the exemption from FOIA requests because these plans might be part of an offensive action that is being planned (against the citizens of both countries).
We have a Southern border with Mexico that is engaged in an actual war with drug cartels and other criminals who are the real terrorists, but whom the government chooses to ignore and let escalate so that the free movement of people and goods for the benefit of business (corporations) is not impeded.  Our laws are routinely broken, our citizens lives and property threatened and destroyed.  Our Border agents are prosecuted and imprisoned for doing their jobs, sending a clear message that interference with the mass migration and the drug trade will not be tolerated. 
The ongoing mass illegal migration into the US is encouraged and facilitated in support of the corporate based, Security & Prosperity Agreement of 2005 which puts the interests of corporate raiders above those of National Security and the safety of the US population.
Claiming a concern with possible terrorists and criminals going to or coming from either, the US or Canada, the Border Perimeter & Security Act was embedded in the phony jobs bill recently rejected by the Senate.  This calls for biometric identification of travelers for any reason between the two countries.  We might be terrorists, criminals or other unwanted individuals. And then there is this from Canadian news:
Earlier this week, we noted that the US Border Protection agency is consideringbuilding new fences and barriers, and increasing the use of drones and radar along the Canada-US border just as a perimeter security deal is reportedly being finalized between the Harper government and the Obama administration. (emphasis, mine)
Do you wonder if maybe this is just an error?  Maybe they really meant to say “with Mexico”. No? hmmmm…..
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