Sunday, September 4, 2011

Let's try and clear something up..................

Of late I have been getting quite a bit of email regarding my criticism of Israel, I am NOT anti-Semitic, I am, however, anti-Zionistic.There is quite a difference and if one where to look into the origins of Zionism, there would (hopefully) be an awakening as to the differences
(see below).


The Jewish nation is basically different from all other nations as it does not depend for its existence on geographical boundaries, on secular sovereignty or on an army or air force. The Jewish people are ordained to live in peace with the nations of the world and it therefore has no part in the political and military quarrels of the Zionist state with its neighbors. Zionism a complete falsification of Judaism and the Zionist state cannot represent the Jewish people.
The Jewish nation exists only because of the eternal bond between G'd and the Jewish people, confirmed at Mount Sinai for all future generations. The laws of the Torah are not subject to any party or parliamentary vote but the (commandments) of the written and oral Torah laws are obligatory for every Jew and for the entire Jewish community.
It is important for every Jew and non-Jew to know this fundamental difference between Zionism and Judaism, between the Zionist state and the true Jewish nation. Since its inception, Zionism has been condemned by the foremost Torah authorities as a gross aberration, as misleading and as a danger to Judaism and the Jewish people. Rabbi Amram Blau zt"l, the great and well-known Jewish leader and spokesman in Jerusalem, proclaimed shortly before his death that the recognition and acceptance by the United Nations of the Zionist State as representing the Jewish people was a grave injustice and mistake that this action should be rectified.
In due course the Zionist mirage will disappear, as did so many false Messianic movements before, but the Jewish people will live -- patiently waiting the arrival of the true Moshiach -- an enduring testimony to Divine rule, upholding the banner of high moral and ethical standards, a symbol of peace and brotherhood.

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