Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dead Letters: More Confirmation of the Mass Murder that Marks the Modern WorldPDFPrintE-mail

TUESDAY, 30 AUGUST 2011 00:40
Yet another confirmation has come to light of the machinations by the self-professed Christian leaders of the West to manipulate their nations into a murderous war of aggression against Iraq, the Guardian reports.

A letter has come to light confirming the UK government's firm intention to join the United States in the Hitlerian action against Iraq, even if a UN resolution specifically authorizing the action could not be obtained.

In one sense, the new revelation adds nothing to the veritable mountain of evidence we already have of the Western leaders' criminal intent -- much of it directly, and unashamedly, from the principal criminals themselves, in the memoirs from Bush, Blair, Cheney, Rumsfeld and others.

But it is useful as a reminder of what is already becoming ancient, irrelevant history to the populace and to the political class: the murder of a million human beings, one of the most heinous crimes of the modern era.

And of course, one primary reason -- perhaps the primary reason -- why this unspeakable atrocity has been so thoroughly buried is the obscene insistence of the Obama Administration to bury, several fathoms deep, all the crimes of its predecessors ... while adding to them with relentless, unflagging energy.

Try to understand this: the murderers of a million (and almost certainly more) innocent people are walking free today, protected, pampered and honored by a system that their successors have adamantly sought to maintain and expand ... by adding new crimes to the ledger of blood, destruction, suffering and death.

You can look up this sordid and evil history yourself, in a myriad of sources. (For example: just search "Iraq" in this website, and plow through years and years of compilations of the evidence for this putrid crime, and the eager complicity of the ruling classes, and their media servitors, in it.) No one in a position of power on either side of the Atlantic has named these war crimes for what they are, nor made even the slightest move toward bringing the murderers of a million people to justice.

On the contrary; they have instead praised and countenanced and continued these abominations, and have built upon to them to commit other, similar crimes elsewhere.

And you want me to take these people seriously as leaders of democratic nations? You want me to enter into deep and complex analyses of their political fortunes? All of these people -- the original perpetrators and accomplices, and their continuers -- should be standing trial for the wanton destruction of human life, for the international war crime of military aggression, for firing hot metal into the guts of a three-year-old child and ripping her body and mind and soul into shreds of inert viscera.

The very sight of these people -- Bush, Blair, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, Straw, Brown, Obama, Biden, Cameron, Gates, Petraeus, Osborne, Clinton, and the rest of the whole sick crew -- should make any thinking, feeling person start throwing up. Get this into your head at last: these sleazeballs, these blood-soaked, blood-caked, bloodthirsty cretins, are murderers. Child-killers. Worse, by many orders of magnitude, than the serial killers and "lunatic dictators" so beloved by the modern imaginative fictions known as the movies ... and the news.

Get this into your head, and have done with them, with all of them, and with all their works, past, present and future, at last. Or, by God, count yourself as their accomplice.

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