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Pyramids of Waste aka The Lightbulb Conspiracy (2010)

SUNDAY, JUNE 12, 2011

The Light Bulb Conspiracy: Pyramids Of Waste

I have for years been an advocate for people to refuse the switch from incandescent light bulbs to poisonous Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFL).   The reason was obvious.. These CFL devices contain Mercury, and also emit a light frequency that has been known to cause neurological disorders in some people....The bottom line has always been that the switch from incandescent light bulbs to CFL's is absolutely not a way to go for a "Greener" environment!

But there has always been one thing that has bugged me for years.... That is the fact that most light bulbs are built to run only around 1000 hours before always burning out, and requiring replacement.   I have always known for a fact that light bulbs can last much much longer, and in fact there is a light bulb in a fire station in California that has been constantly running for over 110 years now!  I knew that something was wrong and it was obviously part of the way that our society has been designed to be a "throw away society" where we have been programmed to believe that "new is better", and that after a certain time period things would wear out and needed to be replaced.   But being a critical thinker, I had to ask: WHY????

To help show that we have all been programmed almost from birth with the false belief that things always wear out and the false belief that "newer is better", I want to present a great video, entitled: "Pyramids Of Waste aka The Light Bulb Conspiracy".   Although is comes with English subtitles, and some parts are not available in English, much of the story is legible and gives a strong damnation about how we have been brainwashed into living the lie of a "Throw Away Society".  I have some comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I personally can understand how the individual at the beginning of this video found only frustration with computer printers... I have recently suffered much the same when my own printer went on the fritz and I did the obvious from what we have been led to believe.... Replaced the whole unit with a brand new one!  I guarantee that most of you, my readers, have also done the same thing..

It is a fact that in all recent recessions, the governments have gone to the people and asked people to spend more to help fuel the economy and basically spend our way out of the recession... But the side effect has been the obvious increase in the criminal debt load of the nation which could eventually bring about the collapse of all of the world economies!

Please pass this important video around to everyone and help them to understand how we have all been manipulated into the false belief of maintaining a throw away society.  Because of the planet's finite resources, and the fact that the entire world is being destroyed by criminal private banking Usury debt, that kind of thinking is no longer rational, or sustainable.

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