Friday, June 17, 2011

IMF Warns U.S. on Debt

More good news on the economic front. The International Monetary Fund has cut its economic growth forecast for the United States and warned that we are “playing with fire” by not taking immediate step to address our long-term debt:
The private central banks issue a fiat currency based on debt, which means all money in circulation is the proceeds of a loan at interest from the private central bank. By design, this system always increases the debt well in excess of the actual amount of money available. All that interest-debt owed is money that has never actually existed. Over time, the population enslaved to that private central bank is forced deeper and deeper into debt, simply because the money to pay the accumulated interest does not exist and never existed under that system. So now that the system has succeeded in plunging the US deep into a manufactured debt for trillions of dollars that never existed in the first place, the IMF, the biggest private central bank of all, starts to complain? The private central bankers CREATED this system. They KNEW what would happen and how it would ruin the nation (So did Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, and John Kennedy). So let us not waste everyone's time with faux-expressions of concern and dismay. This enforced poverty followed by stripping of real wealth was the intended outcome all along.
The solution is obvious. We The People need to understand that rule by compound interest is no more real than rule by divine right or rule by chattel ownership of our bodies. All three are artificial constructs to trick us into unquestioning obedience. All three are outmoded social concepts destined for history's waste bin.

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