Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The 3D Chalk Artist Is Back



Hard to believe that these are drawn on a FLAT sidewalk surface...

ATT00001 7.jpg      ATT00002 5.jpg

ATT00003 5.jpg      ATT00004 6.jpg

ATT00005 4.jpg      ATT00006 4.jpg

ATT00007 6.jpg      ATT00008 3.jpg

ATT00009 2.jpg      ATT00010 5.jpg

ATT00011 2.jpg      ATT00012 1.jpg

ATT00013 4.jpg      ATT00014 1.jpg

ATT00015 1.jpg      ATT00016 3.jpg

ATT00017 1.jpg      ATT00018 1.jpg

ATT00019 3.jpg

Street Artist's.....newest creations
                              Edgar Mueller Super Artist
ATT00020 1.jpg
Great Crevase Edgar Mueller.  Hard work: Together with up to five assistants,
Mueller painted all day long from sunrise to sunset.

The picture appeared on the East Pier in Dun Laoghaire , Ireland ,
as part of the town's Festival of World Cultures.
ATT00021 1.jpg

ATT00022 3.jpg
He spent five days, working 12 hours a day, to create the 250 square metre
image of the crevasse, which, viewed from the correct angle, appears to be 3D.
He then persuaded passers-by to complete the illusion by pretending the
gaping hole was real.

'I wanted to play with positives and negatives to encourage people to think twice
about everything they see,' he said.  'It was a very scary scene, but when people
saw it they had great fun playing on it and pretending to fall into the earth.
'I like to think that later, when they returned home, they might reflect more on
what a frightening scenario it was and say, "Wow, that was actually pretty scary."

ATT00023 1.jpg
Mueller, who has previously painted a giant waterfall in Canada, said he was
Inspired by the British 'Pavement Picasso' Julian Beever, whose dramatic but
More gentle 3D street images have been featured in the Daily Mail.

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  1. It's fantastic work of art, there should be more of it around our city Sydney to make people aware.

    Eddy Z