Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Looking for a Smack-Down on the Road to Damascus.

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Though I can’t remember seeing much of either, I remember two very popular series that were on TV a couple/few decades ago; Dallas and Dynasty. It seems to me that it was a collection of unattractive sociopaths who spent their camera time plotting against each other and the result was supposed to be entertainment. This is the basic drive of most soap operas; a warts and all but mostly warts premise. In today’s world, the players are all countries and they are following the template as has been described.

There’s going to be a “whole lotta shakin’ going on”. It’s coming up from below the ground because apparently there is a ‘fire in the hole’ and it’s got a Watusi/St Vitus Dance feeling to it, as it encircles the globe, everywhere in short order, popping up on the streets of Bahrain; Madison, Wis., Yeahman, looking for some bluez in in the Suez. There are so many possible plots and so many possible players that it is impossible to predict ‘where or when’ but if you hum a few bars we might at least be in the mood... oops, there was an inadvertent second song title all by itself. I’d better rein myself in or I could do this whole post as a catalogue of song hits.

Note this line from the text of this link, “two-thirds of corporations pay no taxes". This has got the feel of Ludlow redux in the on deck circle. Transparently, the reason for America’s bankruptcy can be laid at the feet of the bankers and corporations. You’ll see the evidence there, crumpled together with The Constitution and The Bill of Rights. Both of which now look like someone wiped themselves with them.

We’re all wondered why the American people are playing the role of a submissive bottom in an S&M sex fantasy and the answer is right here. I know that TV and music are also playing a role and that they are doing subliminal programming on a regular basis as we are all extras in a real life re-make of “They Live”. Still, the degree of absurdity is off the charts. Read the intent of the pharmaceutical companies in this dreadful affair.

As a writer in the distant future did happen to say, God does have a “deadly sense of irony”. Here you’ll see Smokin’ Ray McGovern looking like George Carlin’s long lost brother. Hilarious Clinton is pontificating about freedom of expression, while two of her goon squad pummels George for mutely turning his back on her. I would have loved to have heard what Hilarious had to say following the event.

Two Iranian warships are looking to go through the Suez Canal, which they have a perfect right to do and Israel is dancing around like a jalapeno Jujubee about it. By now we know that anything which upsets Israel is good for the human race. If Israel doesn’t like it, whatever it is, we are sure to. The state of the entire world will change in the moment that Israel decides to do something stupid (cue Nancy Sinatra).

And in America; the fallout from the recent chemical attack on the Gulf of Mexico keeps on keeping on. It is like something out of a comic book, except it’s not funny unless you’re a fan of S. Clay Wilson. How can something like this be allowed to continue? The English Crown and the Rothschilds, committed an act of aggression against a sovereign power, ostensibly a friend, and ‘there’s nothing to see here, keep moving’. Proceed in an orderly fashion to the chain locked exit doors.

Picture to yourself, for a moment, the image of world leaders around the globe trying to push a genii back into a bottle. Do they hang around and try to manage the emerging chaos, given that there is still revenue flowing into their personal accounts, or... do they book while the booking is good? The hinterlands of Paraguay are set to soon resemble the look of the Costa del Sol in any case. They’ve got a real dilemma. Do they follow the lead of their raging greed and skim what cream remains, or do they slip from sight with the coming of night?

Although I know the people who need to read about and hear about these things are not the people who are reading and hearing about them, I’ll just post it on to the waters of the greater mind, in case there’s some magical route of transfer that has opened in recent days. The cause of your problems is a combination of things. On your part, it is the result of your general ignorance, conjoined with your magnetic attraction for the carrot and the whip, based on the intensity of your appetites. On the other hand, it is the result of bankers, corporations and corrupt politicians and religious leaders who are milking you as if you were dairy cows. These two states of being make for one collectively shared environment. ‘Shared’ is probably a poor choice of word.

There is a mathematical underlay to everything that we see and experience. I’ve mentioned before, the example of the snow on the mountain tops and how when it melts and runs down the water routes, it is transformed into all of the colors, sights and sounds of the valley below. When you combine together the mathematical sum of ‘your’ contribution with that of ‘their’ contribution to the whole, you get what you’ve got. It’s systematic. It’s predictable. It’s unavoidable and it’s untenable which, makes it volatile.

At any point, good sense could enter into the equation. The leadership could wake up and say to themselves. “Gee, we’ve been a bunch of ruthless pricks. We really ought to back off if we want to continue with our heads attached to our bodies.” However, we don’t have much historical precedent for that and... as conditions worsened over time, the very worst of us rose to positions of command. The more corrupt the general atmosphere became, the more corrupt were the leaders who appeared to regulate, administer and ‘by all means’ profit from it.

Like I have said, over and over; you are in a movie. You are in a real life play that could well be defined in the words of The Bard, “All the world’s a stage... etc”. The proper course of action for you is to play the part you wish to be identified with. Do not play a role for which you are not suited and to which you cannot give your whole heart. It won’t be convincing and it won’t be successful. You have to discover who you are and play it to the hilt. You’ve got to offload that Star Wars defense system, because it won’t protect you now. You have to go for authenticity and you will find that something is going to authenticate you. There are a lot of invisible beings running around with metaphorical rubber stamps and they are stamping people, according to the sum total of what they’ve become, in the follow-up to the grand resolution.

Time is running short for epiphanies and smack-downs on the road to Damascus. It is correctly presumable that most people will just go right on as they have, because awakening from the dream was never a part of their program. They’re into the dream fulfillment/dream disappointment spectrum and the idea that there could actually be a reality that supersedes everything they’ve determined is real is... too much to process. It’s acceptable on the movie screen where the most implausible and impossible events are routinely taken as real but it’s not acceptable in real life, when life decides to become real. It’s a conundrum fer sure.

All of our heroes from times past were people who saw to the deeper core of their being and allowed what they actually were to manifest in their lives. They played the game according to archetypal truths and are remembered accordingly. They’ve got spots and blemishes, as few of them were perfect because you can’t see that here. There is something in the eyes of the beholder that will automatically veil perfection, in order to see anything at all. It’s the mechanism that causes us neither to record things as they really were nor to remember them are they truly ‘are’.

We’re in the ‘any minute now’ phase of the operation, so I suspect, as I am fond of saying, there is no better time than now. Now is the only place where anything ever happens, on either ends of it lie only echoes in the one direction and wishful thinking in the other.

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