Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Thought Police State

The Thought Police State, 2010
By Jim Kirwan

One more time: The United States today is owned & controlled by the THOUGHT-POLICE of UNITED STATES INCORPORATED: a foreign, for-profit private Corporation.

And the information in the link below is how and why these kinds of Criminal-actions by the "government" can and will continue unabated. (1)

The most amazing thing about these CRIMES - is just how many of the HERD actually approves of what is being done here in this latest criminal invasion by the THOUGHT-POLICE that is just beginning!

Oh - and for those that think that "we" actually 'won something' in the clash with TSA over the Holiday weekend - according to people that have flown since then: NOTHING HAS ACTUALLY CHANGED - TSA & VIPER - Are still proceeding without changing any of their criminal-practices with the exception, that now they will be "discovering new ways - like the one in Philadelphia below (in the video). Now they are no longer waiting for you to come to them. Now they're coming to YOU - on the streets and soon to be "in your homes" - if and when some token-thug (somewhere in the bowels of the Gestapo of Homeland Security) THINKS (an oxymoron in itself) that you might be a "SUSPICIOUS PERSON"!


According to USI today - There CANNOT BE anything that is "UNCONSTITUTIONAL" any longer, because to the officials of USI, that sacred "US Constitution and the Bill of Rights are things"(the very mention of which) will get you arrested, Tasered, tortured or murdered by "the government" of today's New World Order! (2)

For PROOF of that all you have to know is that the names of people that were the most dramatically in favor of human freedoms from the founders era (Jefferson, Franklin etc) - have been added to the USI's DO NOT FLY lists - because USI deems even the mention of their names to be an indicator of TERRORIST SYMPATHIES, which marks all such people as ENEMIES OF THE STATE!

If USI disputes any of the above and still claims that USI is the real and valid official-power that controls the United States today - WHICH WOULD MAKE THEIR CRIMINAL-EDICTS the LAW of this LAND then they need to PROVE IT!

This is why I wrote: "USI's War (on us) is Over & We Lost!" (3)

The huge proportion of those "people" that still think that they can look to the government for "protection" from every danger in the world as well as here at home have been seriously misled.

No one can be responsible for your personal safety but you!

Government stepped in and crushed your rights, all of them after 911 ­ openly violating every right you had to be protected from the government, as well as from foreign governments. But since the "government" is now owned and operated (openly& completely) as USI: They have also inserted all these Zionista's into the government at virtually every conjunctive point where pivotal decisions are made: making this country nothing more than a private Police-State enslaved to the foreign interests of both Israel and the foreign, private, for-profit US Incorporated.

To those who keep on screaming about "who's behind these criminal-decisions" the answer is very simple: It's the majority of terror-stricken individuals that actually believe that only the new POLICE-STATE will keep them "safe" from all harm-which is a massive and treason-based LIE!
When the day comes to punish those behind this coup those of us that have been fighting this takeover must remember why it has been so successful (in favor of USI's corporate treasons and against the people of this country).

How could this happen? It was easy USI just dropped the word "citizen" in favor of the concept of "consumer" and the public bought it lock-stock and barrel. Citizens have RIGHTS CONSUMERS DO NOT! But since all the fickle public cared about was consuming they proceeded without so much as even blinking at what this subtle name-change really meant to their freedom, and their lives.

1) 'Philly Cops Stopping & Searching Random People on the Streets -video

2) Myths of Power V Reality Part One

3) USI's War is Over & We Lost

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