Friday, January 15, 2010

Obama asks 'Heckuva job, Brownie' George W. Bush to help with Haiti relief efforts
By Lori Price, 15 Jan 2010

Mega barf alert AND gag me with a chainsaw!

Because George W. Bush did *such* a great job responding to Hurricane Katrina (aka blown levies), President Barack Obama is asking his killer drone soul mate to help with Haiti relief efforts! Such a request assigns legitimacy to the illegitimate P_resident that was Bush, who was installed in a coup d'etat, and serves to permanently elevate Bush from war criminal and torturer (Shock & Awe executor, Waterboarder-in-Chief) to world-class humanitarian.

At this stage of the game, genuine leftists should actually hope and pray that the 'Birthers' unearth (or fabricate) evidence that Barack Obama was not born in the US, because every day that passes this Wall Street front-man is chipping away at what's left of the so-called progressive movement in America. As a direct result of the constant compromising by this conciliator, Democrats are uninspired. Even a 'Kennedy seat' in blue Massachusetts -- safe for eons, politically -- is no longer safe from the Tea Baggers.


Obama enlists Clinton, Bush 43 14 Jan 2010 President Barack Obama has asked former Presidents [sic] George W. Bush and Bill Clinton to team up to coordinate and raise money for relief efforts in Haiti, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said Thursday. "Both of them have agreed to take part in this," Gibbs said, adding that the White House will release more details in coming days.

Ex-presidents to lead Haiti funding effort 15 Jan 2010 President Obama has tapped former presidents sic] George W. Bush and Bill Clinton to lead private sector fund-raising efforts for Haiti. In a joint statement, George W. Bush and Clinton said, “In the days and weeks ahead, we will draw attention to the many ways American citizens and businesses can help meet the urgent needs of the Haitian people.’’ Obama called his predecessors Wednesday to ask them for their assistance because he thought Bush’s decision to mobilize former presidents during the tsunami was a good one, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said yesterday. Gibbs said the Obama administration’s criticism of Bush’s actions during the response to Hurricane Katrina were irrelevant. “I think if you asked George Bush whether the government acted up to its ability in responding to Katrina, I think the answer to that would be ‘no,’ ’’ Gibbs said. “The actions that were taken to deal with the humanitarian crisis from the tsunami, on the other hand, I think worked quite well.’’

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